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För stimulera våra medlemmar att ta del av tillgänglig litteratur och nya vetenskapliga artiklar kommer styrelsen fortlöpande lägga ut sådant som vi tycker borde lyftas fram. Bör ses som ett komplement till övriga litteraturstudier och speglar våra subjektiva val av vad som är läsvärt. Med det sagt, här kommer några förslag!

Evaluation and management of penetrating lower extremity arterial trauma

There have been changes in practice since the publication of the previous guidelines in 2002. Expedited triage of patients is possible with physical examination and/or the measurement of ankle-brachial indices. Computed tomographic angiography has become the diagnostic study of choice when imaging is required. Tourniquets and intravascular shunts have emerged as adjuncts in the treatment of penetrating lower extremity arterial trauma. The role of endovascular intervention warrants further investigation.
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Randomized clinical trial of Appendicitis Inflammatory Response score-based management of patients with suspected appendicitis

AIR score-based risk classification can safely reduce the use of diagnostic imaging and hospital admissions in patients with suspicion of appendicitis.
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An adapted Clavien-Dindo scoring system in trauma as a clinically meaningful nonmortality endpoint.​​​​​​

The ACDiT scale can be used to grade the severity of posttrauma complications in patients managed both operatively and nonoperatively. It provides clinically meaningful data for morbidity and mortality meetings and other quality improvement exercises.
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Routine computed tomography after recent operative exploration for penetrating trauma: What injuries do we miss?

We recommend the use of immediate postoperative CT after emergent laparotomy especially when there is a high index of suspicion for spine or genitourinary injuries and in patients who have sustained ballistic penetrating injuries.
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